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He was so moved when he saw the Lange Datograph, that Philippe Dufour, who is considered the greatest living master of watchmaking and the first to create a petite and grande sonnerie wristwatch, reached into his pocket to purchase one. He was awestruck when asked about his watch.

The A. Lange & Sohne Datograph has a flyback chronograph

Richard Lange "Pour le Merite", in platinum with enamel dial

Wacky Races

We walked together through Munich's park, reminiscing about Lange's past and discussing the Concorso d'Eleganza's origins. He chuckled and said, "Well,Omega Speedmaster Replica my predecessor sponsored the Salzburg Music Festival. But it quickly dawned upon me that there was another way to reach an audience that better matched the identity of Lange." I laughed as he replied, "I understand what you're saying Wilhelm. The idea of having to go to the Salzburg Music Festival fills with fear." I would rather be beaten in the face by a ball-peen Hammer than to attend the operatic rarities and symphonies it contains.

It turns out that Schmid's extraordinary knowledge of vintage cars, along with his enthusiasm for collecting (he brought his own AC Bristol) and driving (which he is more than capable of), are another reasons for Concorso's association. I get it. Lange is all about substance. It's all about innovation. It's about authenticity,omega replica watches and there's no beauty contest that combines these values better than the Concorso. The assembled guests were the idealaudience to convey Lange's extraordinary authenticity.

(From left) Wei Koh, Philip Rathgen, Wilhelm Schmid and Andrew Hildreth

Andrew Hildreth and Wilhelm Schmid

My only concern was who would be the guys driving.Replica Audemars Piguet Watches Anyone who has ever read Lord of the Flies or even a little bit of social anthropology will know that any guy who starts out as irritating at the beginning of the trip is likely to be buried at high altitude or thrown from a car's door and into the aravine. This is how the group dynamic works. It could even happen that I was buriedface down, if things go wrong.

Just before the welcome dinner, I was able to discover the identities of my fellow drivers. Amazingly, I was able to identify the group consisting of Alexander Kraft (President of Sotheby’s Realty France), the sartorial rock singer often featured in my other magazine The Rake and Johann "Philip” Rathgen, editor of Classic Driver, judge at the Concorso and Andrew Hildreth, who was once moderator for the Richard Mille forum on Their company was so amazing that I may have lost my faith in humanity after driving with them.

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