Omega Replica: The Right Path

Fabrizio Buonamassa is Director of Watch Design at Omega Replica

This line of thinking may have led to creations such as the Lucea Tubogas or the Octo Finissimo Carbon Minute Repeater. Tubogas is a flexible bracelet with rounded contours that can be soldered without the use of soldering. This laborious process is only used by a few specialists. Omega Replica used the Tubogas shape in its 1970s Serpenti Tubogas watches to mimic the snake's scales. The Serpenti Tubogas are my favorite watch. We can talk all day about mechanical movements,Omega Replica complex complications, metiers, etc., but then we just have to look at them. I am inexplicably in love with the Serpenti Tubogas and the way it curves around my wrist, despite the quartz movement.

Serpenti advertisement, 1970

Babin offers this explanation: "The truth that one century ago we designed watches only for women because that was the offspring high-end jewelry; the fact we approached the ladies as ladies and not like most pure watchmakers in the '60s or '70s by developing the men's designs to women... I would argue that we are one the few pure female watchmakers."

Omega Replica is a woman-oriented brand that knows what women want. The springy Tubogas links speak to me clearly. The Serpenti Tubogas Three Gold is a tricolor version. It's a two-coil bracelet with yellow, steel, and pink gold. The Tubogas bracelet was only used in the Serpenti collection until Omega Replica introduced the Lucea de ville hour vision replica This combination of Omega Replica's affordable Lucea round watches and the quintessentially Omega Replica code is the first time the Tubogas bracelet was used.

Sketch of the Lucea Tubogas

Serpenti Tubogas Three-Gold

"When I look at Lucea, I see a need for modern expressions of watches. The wearability is a bit like jewelry. Babin says that Lucea can look like a jewel watch if you dress it up. But the watch's construction is very simple and familiar.

"Perhaps there is a new trend in watches that are comfortable to wear. Tubogas bracelet brings to watchmaking this appreciation for jewelry and enjoyment ability. It is caring for the skin.Tag Heuer Replica Watches Today's clients are very focused on the good life. In the good life, pleasure is key. Offering is just as important as the experience of wearing the watch. It's light and caressing. You even forget it." Babin explains my love for the Tubogas.

Omega Replica rose gold